Disrupt the Drift;

Awaken What is Possible

Nourish Power Yoga & Ayurveda exists for those who think yoga isn't for them.  It's for those who think...“I’m not flexible enough", "I’ll break", "I already workout", "I'm not strong enough", "I haven't practiced yoga enough", "I'm not ready", or "I don’t have time for yoga".  Insert your excuse here.  It’s for the individual searching for adventure, freedom and challenge.  For the individual looking for more meaning and mastery of one's life.  All you need is already inside of you. 


NPYA is for the drifter, the soul searcher, looking for aliveness within themselves and the world outside. It is for those who are taking life day by day and just hoping for a miracle, something bigger than themselves to find them.  It is for someone who is not interested in theory, but in tangible results.  For those who want to move, to be moved.


Lay your mat out with us, drop your mask and get real.  You will sweat, laugh, and cry (maybe all at the same time).  NPY is your place.  NPY is exactly where you need to be at the exact right time.  Are you ready to embrace your life fully just as it is?  Sign up to discover something new.