For as long as I can remember I have been asleep in my life just drifting along.  I never had any sense of integrity, belonging, or foundation (core values) in my life.  So I just drifted along until 2010 (I was 38 years old).  Newly married, my husband and I bought our first house together and we started our family. I was doing all the things I thought I was suppose to be up to at my age.  In 2007 my father died of cancer, 5 months before I gave birth to my 2nd son.  Post-partum depression set in after delivering my 2nd child.  I waited 3 years to have our next child so I could rebuild myself, I bought a new fancy car and kept living my life the same way I knew.  After delivering my third child, I was left feeling broken from the inside out, completely lost and soon after found myself in a health crisis.  I didn't do anything about not feeling right just yet.  I went on a shopping spree and thought that would take care of all of my problems.  I was still in the drift.  The drift was all I knew, it was a comfortable place to be.  Why would I want to disrupt that?  


When my 3rd child turned almost 1 year old, I entered a fitness competition.  This, I thought was the answer to everything.  I did a lot of competitive sports since I was a kid.  And as I got older I focused a lot of my time to exercising and entering endurance running competitions. I put a lot of stress on my body with exercise and not eating to support my sport/exercise.  In college, I taught exercise classes along with doing my own exercises.  So my whole day was full of activity, movement and exercise.  So entering this fitness competition, in my mind, seemed to be the next natural step.  I followed my strict diet perfectly.  I followed my exercise plan perfectly.  And I didn't follow how I was feeling at all.  My body began to give me signals to slow down, I didn't listen.  


I found myself passing out from complete exhaustion around 3pm, with 3 kids under 5 years old running around in the house on their own - not good.  I would wake up with the sweats, almost in a hysteria wondering what happened, who is here, where are the kids, how long was I asleep for.  That scared me.  It scared me enough to start seeing a doctor because of what I was experiencing.  The combination of living a high stress life, my unhealthy relationship with food, exercise and body image, the loss of my father and not having any mindfulness or grounding in my entire life, I knew I desperately needed to make drastic changes. My doctor recommended yoga and as luck would have a new studio had just opened in my hometown. I needed a personal transformation – a revolution - and found it in the community at my new yoga studio. I began to transform from the inside-out when I realized the positive impact the changes were making in my life and how yoga and the practice of yoga off my mat left me feeling. 


In 2015 I studied for my personal training certification.  Then wanted to get my health coaching certification.  I wanted to learn so I could heal myself and really understand what happened, where did I go wrong and how I could fix myself.  After committing myself to practicing yoga since 2011, I made the higher call and signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training to further my yoga practice.  I was finally taking intentional action in my life - so I could feel alive again and it felt very empowering.  Yoga had given me freedom to just be myself more than anything else I had ever done in my life.  Yoga had also taught me that I had to drop what I knew.  My whole life of just drifting had been shook.  Yoga taught me to be present in each pose, to focus on my body, and stay out of the stories in my mind.  I had a lot of stories along the way in my life, some are; hat I was stupid, that I didn't belong, that I wasn't worthy, and all I was is a pretty face.  


I began to teach community classes.  I loved learning to lead a yoga class and to share something that I love with other people in my community.  I loved the feedback from other teachers coming to my class.  


After 7 years at my home studio I made the bold decision to leave the only studio I knew and to teach at other studios.


2 years teaching at other studios and I wasn't satisfied.  I needed something more.  I started Nourish and Enjoy to pursue my personal training and health coaching education.  I kept wanting to go deeper, to learn more, to get to the real bottom, the root cause of my insecurities.  Then when yoga came into my life, Ayurveda shortly followed.  I finally was able to look to 2 systems that gave me lots of tools I could use in my life to maintain my vital, alive, grounded way of being needed.  Once I realized that I had helped myself through all of this trauma, I knew I needed to share it with everyone.  That is when I decided to restart what I started as Nourish and Enjoy and create Nourish Power Yoga & Ayurveda.

Natasha Linton

2013 Certification: Personal Trainer NASM
2013 Certification: Metabolic Effect Nutrition Level 1 Coach
2014 Certification: Holistic Health Coach Sears Wellness Institute
2015 Course: Digestive Intensive Holistic Nutrition Labs
2016 Certification: 200hr Yoga Teacher 
2017 Certification: Ayurveda Systems Health Educator VA Shiva Systems Health
2017 Course: Baptiste Yoga Art of Assisting
2017 Certification: NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist NASM
2018 Certification: 200hr Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor American Institute of Vedic Studies
2019 Certification: Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor