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Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

Each class is based on the Journey Into Power™ sequence and Baptiste Methodology. For 60 minutes, Natasha will challenge you to explore the possibilities through physicalness. You will feel empowered and inspired on the mat, as well as in your life off the mat. All levels class. Options to modify or intensify poses will be given.

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Restorative Yoga

Considered the yin to the yang of yoga styles. This gentle, slow and still practice of yoga asana with long passive poses, the perfect compliment to your Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga™ practice. Use of props, pillows and blankets is encouraged as support to help achieve a state of total relaxation and release in the body. 60 minute class.

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Meditation involves placing the mind in a clam and concentrated state in which our mental energies can be gathered, renewed and transformed. It serves as an access to awakening and getting present and is the main tool for healing the mind, but its benefits extend to the body as well.  Meditation helps reduce negative emotions, stress and anxiety while increasing patience, creativity and self-awareness.


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